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A human adventure

The manufacture of Arecabio products

Step 1: Harvest

We work with local peasants who cultivate fields of Areca Palms, which have been cultivated mainly for these Betel nuts for decades.

The Palms are very tall (20metres). We collect the leaves that naturally fall from the tree.

Step 3: Manufacturing

Each sheet will be examined by our workers, then placed under a heat press, which after a minute will give a plate.

It is possible to make several plates or bowls with a single sheet.

Step 2: Drying

The leaves collected by the farmers are dried and transported to our workshops

Step 4: Packing

Each part will be washed and inspected before being packed.

Each set of 10 plates is wrapped with 100% recycled Linen twine and a colored recycled cardboard label. We do not use any plastic packaging to transport or sell our plates.

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